Golden Lifesaver Award Library


This award recognizes quality internet websites that promote sarcoidosis awareness involving patient support and/or medical information in a well organized, well maintained manner. 

This designation is given to sites that meet or exceed strict standards set forth by Sarcoidosis Online Sites for this award. They are then added to this Golden Lifesaver Award Library.

To the many physicians, clinicians and website developers who dedicate their time to sarcoidosis research and public awareness, you have our sincere gratitude.

We invite you to visit these award winning websites. (listed alphabetically)

**This award is by nomination only and may not be used without prior approval. If you would like to know how to nominate a website for the Golden Lifesaver Award please contact us via email at: for more information.

A Guide to Medical Information and Support


American Lung Association
Date launched: April 1996
Website Administrator: Todd Whitley.
Content: Outline document fact sheet minority prevalence and statistical trends for lung diseases from A to Z. Compare data from your state against others and see the latest trends.

American Lung Association of Washington
Date launched: 1996
Website Administrator: Kenneth Wohlf.
Content: The basic facts about sarcoidosis and sarcoidosis resources in Washington state.

Arthritis Foundation

Chronic Lung Disease Resource on the Cheshire Medical Center Website
Date launched: Original Hospital site 1995
Website Administrator: Jeffrey Newcomer, MD
Content: Links to key information resources on Sarcoid as well as a threaded lung disease forum and chat room.

Coriell Research Library Sarcoidosis Resources
Date launched: 1997
Website Administrator: Betty Jean Swartz
Content: The page was prepared in response to a patron query and posted as a starting point for information on sarcoidosis.

Doctor's Guide to the Internet

Dr. Abelson's Conditions Online 
Date launched: January 1999
Website Administrator: Dr. Abelson
Content: Our site provides access to other websites that have information about sarcoidosis. Our site also addresses a broad range of health care issues and provides treatment information from holistic, traditional, and integrated methodologies.

Drug InfoNet

Edmund's Home Page
Date launched: 1995
Website Administrator: Dr. Edmund M. Hayes
Content: Links to key medical information and resources on sarcoid.

Kipy's Place
Date launched: June 1, 1999
Website Administrator: Karen P. Barwick
Content: An open and honest look at coping with Sarcoidosis. It contains many links that are interesting and informative.  It offers hope and encouragement in knowing that we are not alone.

Laurie's Sarcoid Page 
Date launched: 1997
Website Administrator: Laurie McGee
Content: Site involves dealing with sarcoid by personal experience and was created by someone who surfed the net alot in finding info. and support for this disease. I wanted to contribute also.

Luvshelby's Sarcoidosis Page
Date launched: December 1998
Website Administrator: Susan Kennelly
Content: Describes what it is like to have sarcoidosis from the personal view.

Mike's Information Pages
Date launched: January 1999
Website Administrator: Mike Haskins
Content: Overview of sarcoidosis: what is it, what causes it, who gets it, what are the symptoms, how is it diagnosed, how is it treated, etc.

MUSC Sarcoidosis Center
Date launched: May 10, 2000
Website Administrator: Marc A. Judson, M.D.
Content: Patient education, research studies, support group information, description of sarcoidosis, medical description of pulmonary sarcoidosis, links to other sites.

National Jewish Medical and Research Center

National Sarcoidosis Resource Center
Date launched: 1996
Website Administrator: Robert Conroy
Content: Professionals or anyone that has an interest in sarcoidosis. Our primary focus is education, available resources, networking and promoting public awareness.

No Air To Go 
Date launched: May 1999
Website Administrator: S. Wood
Content: General info on diagnosis, treatment, who gets it, etc - a world of information on pain
Date launched: February 1997
Website Administrator: Ryan Springer
Content: Lists of pain clinics and links to pain resources

Pain Management Online

Patients Online Self Help - P.O.S.H.
Date launched: December 1998
Website Administrator: Ellie Parker
Content: Self help by way of communication with others with similar problems, to keep a register of Sarcoid Patients in the UK.

Date launched: September 1999
Website Administrator: Debby Ewen
Content: Information on sarcoidosis with links to support groups, stories, research, physicians and individuals fighting to conquer sarcoidosis.

Sarcoidosis Awareness Society 
Date launched: July 31, 2009
Website Administrator: Charlotte Doggett
Content: Aspect Of Sarcoidosis: It is there to help Sufferers understand what to expect and how they can get support.

Sarcoidosis Center
Date launched: November 6, 1996
Website Administrator: Norman T. Soskel, MD, FACP,
Content: Information about sarcoidosis for patients and healthcare providers. Links to other pages about sarcoidosis and upcoming events of the Sarcoidosis Center and other organizations around the world.

Sarcoidosis Family Foundation
Date launched: November 2000
Website Administrator: Bob Vande Moore
Content: The Sarcoidosis Family Foundation is a resource for patients and loved ones to learn more about the disease. Included are helpful links, search tools and a forum to share stories and information.

Sarcoid Networking Association
Date launched: July 28, 2002
Website Administrator: Michael Lynn Short
The Sarcoid Networking Association website strives to educate individuals, provide information and heighten public awareness about sarcoidosis. Education is the primary goal. Information on sarcoidosis and related health issues includes emotional support, referrals to support groups and physicians with expertise.

Norwegian Association of Sarcoidosis
Date launched: June 2001
Website Administrator: Rune Borgan Isaksen
Content: All kinds of sarcoidosis and information specific to Norway.

Second Wind Lung Transplant Association, Inc.
Date launched: 1996
Website Administrator: Bill Powell
Content: A direct link from Second Wind to the Sarcoidosis home page.  A number of individuals with Sarcoidosis are listed in various categories of the lung transplant process.

SmithDRay's Sarcoidosis Page
Date launched: June 1998
Website Administrator: Ray Smith
Content: My wife personal experience with sarcoidosis for 10 years, links we have found useful and contact and support to and from those individuals who sign our guestbook or email.

Vereniging voor sarcoïdosepatiënten
Date launched: April, 2002
Website Administrator: Thomeer Michiel
Content: Set up by the Belgian support group for patients sarcoidosis, you will find information in Dutch about the support group, the disease and links to other web sites. Site organized by patients with sarcoidosis!
Wij hebben Sarcoidose
Date launched: June, 2008
Website Administrator: J. Dekkers
Content: Biggest online forum for people with Sarcoidosis in The Netherlands


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